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Factory Profile

Details List of Machinery :    
01. Plain Machines   200 N0S.
02. Computerized Plain Machine   15 NOS
03. Two Needle Machine   20  N0S.
04. Two Needle Chain Stitch Machine   04  N0S.
05. Over lock Machine (4 thread)   10 N0S
06. Over lock Machine (5thread)   16 N0S.
07. Button Hole Machine   04 N0S.
08. Button Stitch Machine   04  N0S.
09. Bar tack Machine   05  N0S.
10. Snap Button Machine   05 N0S.
11. Cutting Machines   06 N0S.
12. Kansai special Machine   04 N0S.
13. Flat Lock Machine   04N0S.
14. Fed of the arm   04 NOS
15. Boiler   02  N0S.
16. Steam Iron   08 N0S.
17 Vertical Machine   02 NOS
18. Flat Vacuum Ironing Table   08NOS
19. Computer Controlled Eyelet Hole   02 NOS
20. Perkins Diesel Generator Set   01 NOS
  Total =324 Nos

We have a quality policy for quality assurance to all buyers. We have formed independent quality control team (IQCT). The quality policy is written in English and in our native language.

“The quality policy of Global Woven Wear Ltd. is to manufacture and export different kinds of high quality readymade garments to its customers. The objective of Global Woven Wear Ltd. is to attain & enhance customer satisfaction by providing competitive price, on time delivery of contracted quality and quantity of readymade garments with reliability and also to increase efficiency of work force. To attain objectives of management of Global Group has decided to adapt the following:

Creating of awareness regarding customer’s requirements to the employees by providing training, workshop and documentaries.

Collecting of customer feedback regularly to know about their conception about the company and to take appropriate action timely.

Reducing of the percentage of rejection / wastage to maximum 2% per annum..
Implementation and maintain of require standard and quality.
Following of proper and upgraded documents from buyer or concern department to attain quality objectives.
The management is committed to provide adequate resources, competent manpower, suitable   premises, required machinery / equipment and facilities to implement the quality policy & objectives of the company.
1. Fabric Quality + Rejection + Dia Shape Thoroughly Checked
2. Accessories Quality
3. Test Report Acknowledgement & Follow Up.
4. Shade Variation & Batch Release.
5. Fabric Relaxed
6. Cutting, Sewing, Finishing
7. Pull Test, Metal Detector Test Etc.
8. Inline & Pre-Final Inspection
9. 1st Batch Test As Per Lab Dip.For Colour + Shrinkage Test +Quality Tests
10. Fit Sample Check For Pattern & Styling
11. Shipment after Inspection By Buying Q.C.
Operational Flow Chart
Production Planning
Workload and manpower estimation.
TAC preparation
Sourcing for Fabric and Accessories
Fabric and Accessories in-house
Inspection of Fabric and Accessories
Pattern Making
Approval from Merchandiser / buyer
Samples,approvals and confirmation.
Pilot Cut
Send for Washing (If any)
Pattern Correction / adjustment
Pre-Production Meeting
Inventory for Fabric and Accessories
Test Cutting
Start Bulk Cutting
Pilot run / test sewing
Bulk Sewing
Trimming & QC check
In line Inspection
Send for Washing (If any require)
End Line Quality Checking
Finishing Input
Ironing Quality Inspection
Metal Check
Folding / Poly / Packing
Packing approval
Getting approval for final inspection
Shipment as per buyer’s instruction
Report getting / sending to the buyer.
Container Loading / hand over to the freight forwarder.
Document submission to the buyer.
Employers Facilities
Maternity leave and benefits: we always ensure maternity leaves and benefits for women workers.
We pay all benefits (wages / OT / Eid bonus, attendance bonus, holiday allowances etc.) to our workers as per our government’s rules.
We keep open our factory maximum 10 hours daily, 6 days in a week. We facilitate weekly 1 day holiday and maintain all the Govt. holidays. Our workers and officers enjoy all leaves as per our government law and ILO convention.
We keep enough number of well equipped medical boxes in our working floors.
Safety and security
We have arranged full time doctor and nurse for our employees.
We always try to provide and maintain a hygienic working environment.
We provide pure drinking water to all employees.
We provide treatment facilities if any employee become sick in our factory.
We organize training and free vaccination for employees.
  General safety:
We have own security guards / team who always keep our factories safe. They are adequate trained about their responsibilities and procedures. They maintain roaster / shifting duty to ensure our safety round the clock.
We maintain all safety procedures for product safety. We take testing certificate for any requirement or do test by our own like pull test etc. for ensuring buyer’s requirements.
We are trying our best to take CTPAT for sufficient safety of buyer’s products.
We maintain fire drill and made fire fighting team for our workers for safety of factory as well as buyer’s products
Smoking is strictly prohibited in any concern of Global Group. We always keep our factories as smoking free zone.
We regularly conduct fire drill in participation of all employee and fire fighting expert’s team.
We always keep our machine clean and workable. There are sufficient technicians are engaged for regular maintenance. We maintain servicing log and records.
Worker hiring policy:
We always find and select the best personnel for our concerns. We always maintain our government’s rules and procedures for hiring and providing benefits of workers and officers. We publish advertisement in website and printing medias against vacant positions. After that we select personnel through very competitive and practical tests.