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About Home Textile

Global Home Textiles, a global supplier and exporter of Bangladesh home textile products manufactured by using 100% conventional cotton, guided by a single minded philosophy of no compromise in terms of quality of fabrics at an unbelievable price and be punctual with our delivery. Cotton fabric is our passion and it’s our competence and commitment in manufacturing premier quality home textile product that drives us. We have the required infrastructure, facilities and effectively trained workers to produce, and deliver dexterous designs, color and patterns to match the modern market trends, and mainly our customer’s requirements. Bright home Textiles is geared to produce a wide range of designs and any custom designs and patterns out customer demands. Our expertise in the field and our commitment enables us to maintain the superior quality and also provide them at affordable rates. Our creative expertise coupled with marketing skills makes it possible for us to present you with a collection of products that stands ahead of others in terms of style and design. Our client centric approach also enables us to cater our range across the globe in the export markets of Scandinavia, U.S.A and Europe. Our main concern is to provide only top quality cotton fabrics which are made from handpicked cotton from Bangladesh.

Our Mission:
• A first class customer relationship management in our supply chain network.
• Strongly commit ourselves to manufacture international standards on high fashion products at competitive costs.
• Endeavoring and gaining space on Wholesalers and Retailers shelves.
• To maintain a production process innovation capability and dedicate ourselves to building trusted partnerships with customers and employees.
• Usage and implementation of materials and procedures which are eco – friendly which are no way hazardous to environment.
• We believe in ethical and moral work practices and fair business trade.

Our Vision:
" To be an Internationally Competitive Company, serving our customer’s needs and committing to make better homes, with our high quality and a good value for money, Bright Home Textiles. Ensuring satisfactory financial performance, consistent predictable growth, being the best in terms of consumer value, customer service, employee talents, and acknowledging our social responsibility for the welfare of our employees and environment."

Why us: We have a good blend and experience with European Customers, and a clear understanding of international marketing trends and adapt according to the needs and specification. More Cost effective, Premium quality, timely delivery, wider market network, highly productive and will never compromise on quality. We are committed to using materials and processes that are eco-friendly.

Our Creations:
In bright home textiles, we use the higher quality yarn to outfit the needs of our customers. Our products are weaved by the best weavers in the industry to improvise the core value of the company. Our excellence in quality makes you happy as all been manufactured as per the specifications given by our customers . The unbelievable home textile products comprises of